Adopt one of our rescue dogs

The dogs are the very main reason this place was built, as my dad tells me the dogs are the very soul of the hotel..

Building this for the dogs was something I always believed in, my dream was to find a place that can be a safe haven for them, and at the same time create a project that can finance this quest.

For years this was financed by me, my monthly salary and at some point something needed to be done.

As I was ready to leave corporate , I was also flexible to move and finding a place away from neighbors and at the same time by the beach was a challenge, it took me 5 years to get it right and one year to build.

As we want to make more space for new rescues, at this point we need to find good homes for some of our rescues, after all they need their own family and there is nothing better than that, that’s why this below is the story of the ones put for adoption, each has a story ..

As much as I want to keep them all, but I do believe that each of them deserve their own family , my job is to secure them and provide  a safe haven for all of them until they find loving families , it will be hard for me to see them go , but it is for their best , and also so I can save more..
All these dogs love to play with my daughter so they are all ok with kids.
This is very hard for me to let them go , but it is for a better life as I do believe a dog needs his own family , I wiah I could be their own family but with 40 dogs it is complicated to have them all in my house


Blanco was found in the parking lot of Carrefour , he was clearly abandonned , he is very social , amazing home dog, he loves to run and he is very well trained , he is amazing and deserves his own family. He is ok with kids


Ernest was rescued as a puppy from a street market, I reached out to feed him and next thing he was in the car with me , as much as I would love to be the family for all of them, but They do deserve their own. Ernest is an amazing husky mix , well trained and very well with kids


Marshall’s story is very special, as I knew him 5 years ago back when I lived in Casablanca. Every day after work I stop by an area where he was, and he would just run behind the car as I always had food and water for him. Then he disappeared, I looked for him everywhere and lost hope when the dog catchers (authorities)  killed and shot so many dogs in the area, I was miserable for a long time, then 6 months later a dog was running following my car, I stopped and it was Marshall, very sick and skinny he could barely walk and yet managed to run behind , I took him in immediately and since then he is with me as I moved from Casablanca to Essaouira.


Blacky is a migit sweetheart who was wandering the streets of Essaouira , he has an amazing personality and gets along with all the dogs, loves to run with the pack on the beach, gets very well with kids and hopes to have his own family one day


ROXY is a three legged female dog who was rescued as a pup while in Casablanca, she was run over by a car and we had to amputate his leg as it was getting infected ,

I cannot be more impressed and proud as she managed to adapt and now she runs and jumps like a normal dog and even better , she loved kids and is ok with dogs

Mango and Flamingo

Ideally if they can be adopted together , both found very skinny, with mange and full of ticks in a forest , stopped just to feed them and instantly fell in love , took them to the vet, they are neutered and vaccinated and very playful, very good with kids and other dogs


Female / 9months old

Why pancake ? simply because she was smashed by a car when puppy and her back legs looked like a frog, luckily she was a puppy which helped her heal fast , she runs and jumps as any other dog , social and good with kids.

ABIGAIL : Female/ 5months old

I went with a friend to have dinner , and came back with this beauty , couldn’t leave her behind as she came asking for food at the restaurant.


Male/age unknown

Another migit sweetheart who probably spent months in the streets, didn’t have an issue getting along with the other dogs, he is very well behaved, clean and hopefully gets a family soon..


Male / age unknown

The story of Bubba is short , he just stood in front of my house for two days straight , wanting to get in until he succeeded 

He is a good boy and would love to get his own family hopefully..


Female/ neutered 8months old

Chtouka was found while I was driving on my way to Casablanca, under the rain there was this puppy in the middle of the highway, I stopped a bit further and picked her up , she grew up with kids and other dogs around so she is perfectly social

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